EGNOS bulletin de Q1 2019

EGNOS BULLLETIN AIOSAT has been mentioned in the EGNOS Q1 2019 bulleting due to the presentation carried out during the Europena Naviation Conference.   AIOSAT remarked the importance of the augmentation…
11 April 11.30 Goya

AIOSAT – European Navigation Conference (ENC)

European Navigation Conference 2019 at Warsaw (Poland) has been carried out during the 9th -12th of April. There works related with the navigation and interesting discussion topics have been presented…

AIOSAT – Review Meeting

AIOSAT (@AIOSAT_eu) reached the mid-point of its life and it has been the time to have a fruitful discussion with the Project Officer (Vojtech Fort) and Effie Makri and Maciej…

2018 EU Space Week

Ceit-Ik4 representing AIOSAT participated in the EU Space Week 2018 organised by GSA and ESA. It has been a great opportunity to meet other professional and projects that take advantage of…
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