European Navigation Conference 2019 at Warsaw (Poland) has been carried out during the 9th -12th of April.

There works related with the navigation and interesting discussion topics have been presented independent to the sector. This allow to have a broader view of the latest trends related with navigation (GNSS, signal processing, sensor fusion, integrity, etc).

AIOSAT (@AIOSAT _eu) had the chance to present the systems and the technologies involved in this project. During the presentation the focus was set on the GNSS navigation and the different sensors used. Additionally, the EDAS/EGNOS augmentation information distribution among the different roles where also described.

 It is been a good opportunity to share point of view and discover the solutions that are currently being proposed for other sector, such as maritime and aviation.

We hope to be in the ENC2020 and present further results of the test that are going to be carried out during the following year.

See you there!

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