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AIOSAT project:
Using Technology to
Trace and Track Fire Fighters  

The Autonomous Indoor & Outdoor Safety Tracking system (AIOSAT) complete system is a tracking and alert system for firefighters, security, or emergency services involved in emergency situations. The device provides information on outdoor and indoor locations of first responders. It also establishes a stable data communication within the brigade or team to communicate each member’s location and send the monitoring information of every node and sensor to the team leader’s mobile application. As a result, team leaders can make better decisions on the safety of his/her deployed people.

Due to the innovative fusion of several technologies with specific sensors and configurations, persons can be located in indoor or outdoor scenarios with good precision. The nodes have GNSS IMU Pedestrian Dead Reckoning and Ultra White Band inter-distance sensors, and they work with no fixed infrastructure deployed for them. The location, node status information, and the alerts generated are transferred into a mobile and visual application for the team leader and the Incident Command Post application by configurable communication systems (meshed and point-to-point solutions). In exchange, the command can complete this information with external data and propose safer and more efficient steps for the positive conclusion of the intervention.

The whole intervention is recorded into both applications and could be replayed to analyse the steps and subsequently improve the team’s procedures and reactions. One of the best points of this system is that the deployment time is very fast, as, for the indoor case, it only needs a LORA gateway installed on the ground or already installed in the vehicle. Moreover, the technologies are well known and stable, so the system is cost-efficient.

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