Technical and Economic perspectives of Galileo Seminar

AIOSAT project was present at the seminar and official opening of  the Galileo Reference Centre, Noordwijk, The Netherlands (Wednesday, 16 May, 2018). The representative was Didier de Wulf (Hulpverleningszone Centrum…

MOBNET final meeting

MOBNET  final meeting was carried out at Ceit-Ik4 facilities in San Sebastian. There, the final results of the project were presented to the Comission, where the Project Officer Vojtech Fort…

AIOSAT aware of safe GNSS requirements

Researchers from (@Ceit-IK4) are attending the Vulnerabilities on GNSS professional course provided by (@e-Knot) at Politecnico Torino facilities. AIOSAT project is aware of need of providing a secure GNSS positioning for the…

AIOSAT Face to Face meeting – Saxion University DAY 2

AIOSAT F2F meeting – Saxion University Preliminary system architecture  During this second day in the Netherlands, the meeting took place at Saxion (@SaxionUAS), hosted by Wilco Bonestroo (@WilcoBonestroo). End-user requirements…

Safety Campus

AIOSAT F2F meeting – Twente Safety Campus On the 13th of March takes part the first day of the AIOSAT face to face meeting at Enschede (Netherlands). The meeting took…
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