AIOSAT F2F meeting - Twente Safety Campus

On the 13th of March takes part the first day of the AIOSAT face to face meeting at Enschede (Netherlands).

The meeting took place  at Twente Safety Campus (@SafetyCampusVRT) hosted by Ymko Atemma (@Ymkoattema).

The first part of the discussion was dedicated to close the end-user requirements considering the procedure to follow in case of intervention.

During this day, AIOSAT (@AIOSAT_eu) members have the pleasure to have an special guest Gerke Spaling (@spaling). Gerke provided an interesting overview from the ICT perspective of the national rules and procedures of the NL firefighters.

 During the meeting there was a dedicated special session to visit to the Twente Safety Campus facilities. AIOSAT will be using this controlled scenarios for the testing and validation of the new AIOSAT system.

The 1st day of the F2F meeting ended up with the traditional AIOSAT members photo.

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