AIOSAT (@AIOSAT_eu) reached the mid-point of its life and it has been the time to have a fruitful discussion with the Project Officer (Vojtech Fort) and Effie Makri and Maciej Kalarus (technical reviewers).

During the meeting the status of the different WPs were covered and different questions were arisen. 

EU commission and reviewers are really concern about the need of bringing the products into the market in order to everyone take advantage of the novelty that AIOSAT offers not only to the firefighters, but also to emergency services and security forces. 

Additionally, they have reminded the importance of not loosing the focus and tracking properly the user requirements providing them into in a clear manner to the end-users, the ones that will validate AIOSAT and determine the success.

Also remarked the enthusiasm of the partners to keep on working and improving the system based on the end-users feedback.

Thanks a lot for your time, attention and the recommendations. We are already working on the improvements. Next steps: testing testing, testing

We hope that you could also enjoy about San Sebastian and its hospitality.

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