Face to Face meeting in Brussels gave us the chance to discuss about the integration of the AIOSAT (@AIOSAT_eu systems.

First of all each of the partners have presented the current status of their subsystems in order to have an overall view of the different WPs and their evolution.

Secondly, the first integration phase of the AIOSAT subsystems have been carried out. During this phase the different subsystem have been integrated into the first version of the prototype. Each of the functionalities where verified and every bug and improvement has been annotated to build the second version of the prototype.

Along this first integration tests several issues where detected and where tackled on-the-fly, thanks to the support and laboratories of RMA.

Additonally, once the issues where solve, initial field-test were carried out in order to verify the data-acquisition of the subsystems, necessary for the fusion algorithm and visualization platform for AIOSAT.

Initial integration phase was achieved successfully, but AIOSAT is still committed to keep on working for the safety of the firefighters and evolve towards a more integrated solution.

Thanks RMA (@KMS_ERM_RMA) for your hospitality at Brussels.

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