Researchers from (@Ceit-IK4) are attending the Vulnerabilities on GNSS professional course provided by (@e-Knot) at Politecnico Torino facilities.

AIOSAT project is aware of need of providing a secure GNSS positioning for the safe use of AIOSAT system.

The objective of the course is to provide an overview of GNSS vulnerabilities. The course starts by providing the fundamentals related to GNSS signal processing and GNSS position and time computation. It then provides a description of the origin, effect and mitigation means of a series of sources of vulnerabilities for a GNSS receiver.

The content is also critical for the selection of the appropriate GNSS based architecture for the AIOSAT application.

Topics covered

  • GNSS Principles
  • Received GPS L1 C/A Signal Structure
  • GPS L1 C/A receiver Signal Processing
  • Position Computation
  • DGNSS architectures
  • GNSS Vulnerabilities and Mitigation
  • Test Cases
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