Face to Face meeting in Seville gave us the chance to discuss lots of key point of the AIOSAT (@AIOSAT_eu systems.

Moreover, one of the members of the advisory board members was presented to the consortium – (FAASA) (@FaasaAviacion). FAASA provided an interesting feedback about the AIOSAT system and the requirements for some of te specific use cases defined by the consortium.

Apart from WP progress reports, @KMS_ERM_RMA performs a demonstration of the LoRA gateways and LoRA nodes that could be integrated in the AIOSAT locator device.

Based on all the progresses and anaylses presented by every partner, several discussion arisen concerning the architecture and key decision were taken for the first prototype solution and how the systems should be validated. 

It has been a very fruitful meeting for AIOSAT defining in a more detailed way the next steps to follow in order to be ready for the first filed test trials at the beginning of 2019.

Thanks @.IntegrasysSA for your hospitality at Sevilla. Next stop: Bruxelles.

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